Cross-cultural Keynote

Preparing for a presentation to people from your own culture can be difficult enough. This process is made increasingly difficult when applied to a differing culture, bringing with it a looming sense of anxiety and uncertainty. At MILLXNNIALS, we aim to use our own cultural knowledge in countries such as America, Fiji and Germany to better prepare our clients for this flavour of interaction. This has also founded the development of they key goals described below.

Our goals:

  • To develop an understanding of observable and unobservable cultural nuances in the minds of our clients,

  • To transpose these nuances into their effects upon a presentation, uncovering which ones should be utilised and which should be conscientiously avoided,

  • To work towards individual and bespoke solutions - avoiding a 'one-size-fits-all' resolution,

  • To offer clients the ability to practice and hone their presentational abilities in a positive and constructive environment,

How do we do this?

By drawing upon past experience, proven models and utilising temporal awareness, the first step is on MILLXNNIALS to develop an initial proposal of what should be included and what should be avoided. Following this, we intend to follow a relatively structured public-speaking consultancy process whereby we work through the nature of the presentation, "is what needs to be said - being said" and then developing the delivery of the presentation.

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