High-Profile Appearances

Being invited to speak at a prestigious event, conference or any other instance which involves a large audience and a stage can bring on both feelings of excitement and anxiety. At MILLXNNIALS, we strive to give you the skills needed to both thrive in this environment & enjoy every moment of your experience. More specifically, we have a set of goals as outlined below.

Our goals:

  • To prepare speakers on every level - ensuring their narrative is strong and follows the most engaging format,

  • To develop the presentation - developing synergy between the slides, physical appearances, content & delivery,

  • To work towards individual and bespoke solutions - avoiding a 'one-size-fits-all' resolution,

  • To educate clients on deliberate learning practices -with the intention of heightening awareness & facilitating meaningful preparation,

How do we do this?

By drawing upon a combination of past-experience and proven models, whilst ensuring adequate attention is paid to client progress, implementation follows a flexible format. In this format, the relevant processes & models are explained through collaborative consultancy - with 50/50 responsibility between the client and the consultant. Furthermore, third-party presentation analysis, purposeful discussions & traditional practice are utilised at certain stages; when these stages are reached is dependent on client progress & individual timeframes.

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