Our Industries

Much like our clients, each of our consultants has individual strengths to compliment a variety of abilities, needs and styles. This eclectic approach to presentation allows us to perform effectively and compassionately in all industries that require public speaking excellence. Click the link below to fill in our free questionnaire today.

Teaching & Teacher Training

Teachers are some of the most valuable individuals in our present economy - inspiring the next generation to be curious and develop innovative solutions to complex and wicked problems. In such a pivotal context - we aim to develop teacher confidence & comfortability, resulting in more effective and engaging knowledge transfer.

High-Profile Appearances

High-profile speeches such as TED talks, rallies & candidacy addresses are becoming much more accessible with the proliferation in technology and video sharing. In this way, these instances can seem like"one-shot" opportunities to make a real and sustainable impact. In order to maximise these experiences - we serve to develop our clients abilities from the way they stand to the colour of their slides - resulting in both a coherent message and an effective presentation.

Pitching and Investor-oriented Presentation

As entrepreneurship increases in popularity among younger generations - and job tenure decreases in conjunction - pitching and presentation become increasingly more valuable in the contemporary marketplace. Possessing these key characteristics: conciseness, persuasiveness and the ability to think quickly are essential to career progression and pitching success. At MILLXNNIALS, we aim to develop these skills in a collaborative way in order to enable our clients to utilise their abilities in a variety of contexts. 

Individual Progression

It is well researched that a comprehensive grasp of oracy is critical to reaching the top of any career and, by harnessing language effectively,  it is suggested that there is an external appearance of  intelligence, increasingly perceptiveness & understandability. On this individual level, our goal is to help our clients reach a greater level of self-confidence to allow them to feel more relaxed in day-to-day activities.

Cross-cultural Keynote

In an increasingly globalised world, the standards of cultural awareness are becoming increasingly heightened. This means that conveying information across cultures through presentation can present itself as a metaphorical minefield. Through our cultural experience in countries such as Fiji, America & the U.K., we aim to make clients aware of cultural nuances that allow them to  adopt a conscientious & appropriate approach to cross-cultural presentation.

Business Analytics

Automation of jobs, from a "blue collar" level all the way up to "white collar" investors is becoming ever-more prevalent in society. As a result of this, the ability to interpret data and convert it into a meaningful narrative is becoming a prerequisite to career success. Our experience with professionals in the financial sector has allowed us to develop a comprehensive approach to data interpretation - allowing us to transpose zeros and ones into a persuasive story.

Virtual-Reality Technology

Virtual reality has recently undergone heavy interest, resulting in the publishing of a series of articles detailing the positive effects of VR public speaking coaching. This "Simulated Oracy" is something we are extremely involved with at MILLXNNIALS, allowing clients to experience, and overcome,  the pressures of presentation in a constructive environment through our consultant-led guidance.

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