Teaching & Teacher Training

Without teachers, none of our consultants, accountants or social media experts would be together today to deliver MILLXNNIALS. This isn't simply a result of their teaching expertise, either, but a combination of their inspiring personalities and the positive and constructive environments they build in the process - allowing for new ideas to ignite and spread between open-minds. Their pivotal role has inspired us to develop the set of goals outlined below.

Our goals:

  • To educate teachers on how to harness public-speaking methods to enhance their classroom presence,

  • To work with teachers in a sustainable way - allowing them to use the skills they learn in an adaptable way,

  • To work towards individual and bespoke solutions - avoiding a 'one-size-fits-all' resolution,

  • To deliver information in a constructive environment, facilitate learning and stand by teachers in real-life scenarios to solidify their learning,

How do we do this?

By drawing upon a combination of past-experience and proven models, implementation follows a relatively structured format. In this format, the relevant processes & models are explained through immersive & inclusive workshops -  allowing for conclusions to be drawn and intentions to be streamlined during the development process. We also follow up intently with our clients, assessing whether there have been mutations in their needs and providing further solutions if necessary. 

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