Virtual Reality

"Simulated Oracy" is something that really excites us in the public-speaking eco-system. With less time, more options and more anxiety than ever, we aim to provide highly effective and highly time-efficient sessions whereby clients can enter the virtual world and simulate oracy in the comfort of their own homes. In light of this extremely advanced technology - we have outlined a series of goals we hope to achieve when working with clients.

Our goals:

  • To give clients the opportunity to practice their presentation in a way that feels real - but is much lower stakes

  • To expose clients to a new and influential technology - aiming to educate those who engage with this opportunity on the possibilities of this technology,

  • To work towards individual and bespoke solutions - avoiding a 'one-size-fits-all' resolution,

  • To progress public-speaking centred technology through developing our understanding  and efficiency in using the service,

How do we do this?

By drawing upon a combination of influential research and proven models, implementation follows a relatively unstructured format - whereby both the consultant and the client learn in synchrony. Simulated Oracy is one of the most flexible services we offer, providing the base for uninhibited collaboration between the consultant and the client. In this way our consultants aim to start from the ground up - creating the most effective virtual world in the view of the client.

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